Creator of Creatures, Monsters and Demons.


Who is Dansmonsters?

Born in the wilds of North West England, he was brought up on a diet of Italian Horror Movies, 80’s monster Movies and trashy, gory pulp horror novels and blackened death metal.

Hiding from the light , only leaving his artist den to feed, he creates wonderful monsters and horrors for you all to enjoy!!

If he is not splattering real or digital ink, you can find him relaxing reading one of his many trash pulp horror novels and listening to some dungeon synth

If you want to know more about his library check out the reviews at Library of Doom section of his Patreon Page, which is free for all to read. You can also see more of his work and how he creates it at Patreon. Please go check it out and support if you like monsters, trash horror and other such fun.